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Finisher Series

Next-generation collection of skin-perfecting formulations including some of the most advanced blurring, mesh, radiance, prismatic and photographic technologies.

Which Finisher is right for me?
Photography Foundation Transparent - 30ml

Photography Foundation

20.00 CAD
Photography Foundation Golden - 30ml

Photography Foundation

Golden Tan
21.00 CAD
Photography Foundation Dark - 30ml

Photography Foundation

Dark Tan
21.00 CAD
Pore Delete - 30ml

Finisher Pore Delete

19.00 CAD
HA Blur - 30ml

Finisher HA Blur

10.00 CAD
Matte 12 - 30ml

Finisher Matte 12

25.00 CAD
Photoblur - 30ml

Finisher Photoblur

Coming soon Email me when in stock